30th Isle of Wight Convention

28th February to 2nd March 2025

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Convention Brochure

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Service Positions

We always need volunteers to assist service positions such as Registration, Raffle tickets, Literature and greeting roles at the convention.

If you can spare anything from an hour or more and you want to be a part of the Isle of Wight Convention please let us know what days and times you can help and which service you can help with.

We also require any bakers out there who can bake cakes for our Spiritual Sunday.

This is a great way to be part of AA, to meet members from up and down the country that come to our convention, it really is great fellowship and a wonderful weekend.

Please complete the form below to get involved.


The hotel has double yellow lines outside the reception, but this does allow you 20 minutes to unload. Once checked in and suitcases unloaded there are parking bays on the seafront, we strongly recommend you purchase a tourist permit.

Permits cost, 2 days for £20 or 3 days for £30 and can be via the button below;

To view parking locations across the Island, Click Here

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